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Wrestling Observer Live (June 2005) – Terry Funk and Goldberg


The guests on today’s Wrestling Observer Live are Terry Funk and Goldberg from June 2005, only a few short weeks before the historic first ECW One Night Stand.

In a fun episode, Funk tells us why he turned down Vince McMahon’s offer of being a part of his ECW reunion show in favour of doing Shane Douglas’ Hardcore Homing show even though McMahon offered him 3 times the money. They also talk about the situation with the real life love triangle of Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy that was all the news back then.

Then on to Bill Goldberg, where Dave talks to him about his new movie The Longest Yard which features no less than six wrestlers, the possibility of him going to TNA and why he thinks his tenure in the WWE failed.



c5_2.jpgTuesday night’s ECW did which was headlined with a steel cage match between Hardcore Holly and Bobby Lashley did a 1.6 rating.

This is up 0.3 from last week, with this week’s show wrestling wise being so much better than we have seen in a while.

source – wrestling observer

wweb009_l.jpgIt does have it’s advantages being a wrestling fan in the UK sometimes. Not only do we get some PPV’s for free (although not all of them like we use too) but we also have the awesome company Silvervisionwho put out some great UK exclusive dvds…

Unfortuantely this set is a great idea, it’s just not executed really well. What the company have done is put 5 of the most memorable (which they aren’t by the way but they are good) Smackdown matches onto DVD at a price of 5.99 (which is far cheaper than usual).

Here is the match listing…

World Tag Team Championship Match
Chuck & Billy Vs. Hulk Hogan & Edge (04/07/02)

Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero (25/07/02)  – Rey’s debut I believe

Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Vs. The Rock & Edge (01/08/02)

Big Show Vs. Brock Lesnar (12/06/03) – When the ring exploded!!

Rey Mysterio Vs. Eddie Guerrero (06/01/05)

United States Championship Match
Chris Benoit Vs. Booker T (21/10/05)

I guess we will have a similar Raw set in the future. I’ve always said the WWE should release “Best of Raw” with 8 or 9 matches each year and they would sell really well. They have an absolutely huge archive of matches the WWE could use with DVD’s that could make them a fortune if marketed right.

Still this ain’t a bad price, and might be worth picking up.

source – silvervision.co.uk

palumbo_c_l.jpgAccording to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Chuck Palumbo is set to return to WWE TV within the next few weeks.

Palumbo who was re-signed around this time last year after being away from the company since November 2004 has been a regular worker in dark matches and house shows on the Smackdown Brand over the last couple of months.

It’s not yet known what Palumbo’s role in the WWE will be at this time but it’s understood he will probably be working as a heel. Could he take Test’s big man role in ECW or is their a slot for him on Smackdown?

Personally a re-teaming with Little Guido as the F.B.I could work but with the lack of a tag division in ECW, that seems very unlikely at this point. If Guido was on the Smackdown brand it could work though.

CAREER & TITLE HISTORIES (only main companies)

WCW (1998 – 2001)

WCW Tag Team Champion (4 times) with Shawn Stasiak (3) & Sean O’Haire (1)

WWF/E (2001-2004)

WWE Tag Team Champion (2 times) with Billy Gunn as Chuck and Billy

WWE (2006-present day)

Has wrestled in dark matches and house shows, mainly on the Smackdown brand. Is expected to debut soon as a Heel performer.

source – wrestlingheadlines.com, wrestling observer newsletter

thnew_raw_logo_top1.jpgLast night’s Raw pulled in the highest rating since June 19th of last year (the night after DX reformed) with a 4.3 rating.

The WWE have been on fire the last couple of weeks with some of the best shows in a long time. It’s looking good for Wrestlemania 23 at the moment.

source – wrestlingheadlines.com

test1.jpgAndrew “Test” Martin has spoken of his release from the WWE on his official Myspace page

“Just want to thank you fans for the last year…I love to hear you boo me. I always said I would get out of wrestling when it wasn’t fun anymore….and that’s what I did. Don’t get me wrong I still love wrestling, I always will but right now the WWE is not for me but no sour grapes I had some fun up until a month ago when the politics kicked in like they always do and at first ECW was so much fun, I can only imagine it when it was the real ecw but when Paul Heyman left ECW left with him..what was left of it. Sorry if I let any of you fans down but I needed to leave there for me…so to all the fans thanks again.”

So is Test telling us that he was the one who walked out on the WWE rather than being fired?

I don’t believe it, why would he leave a guaranteed paycheck just like that?

I think he is just trying to save face.

source – wrestlingheadlines.compwinsider, test’s myspace

ecw.jpgVince McMahon who’s ego is so big, he has to make sure he gets his face seen on every weekly show kindly informed us that Bobby Lashley’s steel cage match for the ECW Title against Hardcore Holly would have to be won by the champion in under 5 mins, or else he was stripping him of the title.

A nice stipulation then to keep the match short and the way they have booked Bobby Lashley over the last couple of weeks has been right on the money.

The feud with Umaga is progressing and although the match won’t be anything special at Mania, at least it will have the crowd involved with the great buildup and with the presence of Trump an McMahon.

Good show last night, ECW is really good at the moment.


Mr. Kennedy def. Sabu in a “Money in the Bank Qualifing” Match – 2 and a half stars

Did anyone really give Sabu a chance in this match?

Loved the announcing of the wrestlers when they were already in the ring again… it so works for these big matches.

I wonder what type of a match Sabu would have if he didn’t have extreme rules. Would he actually have more than 2 spots that could be legal?

Fun match, which didn’t have much flow but some nice spots. Kennedy wins with a stiff looking DDT onto a broken table… and he advances to the MITB match at Wrestlemania. 

Balls Mahoney def. Matt Striker by DQ – 1 star for Balls’ cool leg drop

Match lasted about two minutes (although Balls did manage to actually get a top rope leg drop on Striker in that time) before the bald acne ridden Snitsky came down to the ring and gave him a big boot.

Balls declared the winner by DQ, and then Snitsky comes back in and decides to give him the boot as well.

I just can’t wait for the Lashley/Snitsky feud…. *sarcasm*

Kevin Thorn & Marcus Cor Von def. Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer – 2 and a half stars 

Another fun match…. this is ECW, I had to pinch myself! We’re not suppose to have two good matches on one show!

RVD is show over right now, I’d say the most he has been over since he was WWE Champion.

Imagine if they actually programmed a good feud between Cor Von and RVD… it could be something that was really high up on the WM card. Of course that ain’t gonna happen with RVD’s contract situation the way it is right now.

The New Breed win, when Elijah Burke interferes. RVD does the job for Thorn.

CM Punk def. Stevie Richards – 2 and a half stars

Hands up everyone who thought Stevie Richards was dead!

CM Punk dominates and looks as good in the ring as ever. Poor Stevie, we probably won’t see him for another 3 months now.

Bobby Lashley def. Hardcore Holly in a 5 Minute Time Limit Steel Cage Match for the ECW World Title – 2 and a half stars

Obviously Lashley goes straight after Holly and wastes no time in trying to win the match.
Umaga comes down with about 3 minutes left on the clock and throws a chair into the ring for Holly to use… and oh my god did he use it. An absolute sickening chair shot to the head of Lashley, which was really quite disturbing actually…. with 2 mins to go.

Lashley of course is Superman and kicks out.

Lashley gets the advantage and gets his revenge on Holly with multiple chair shots, gives him The Dominator and picks up with the win with 30 seconds left on the clock.

Post-match, in a very memorable spot, Lashley runs off the ropes and actually jumps onto the cage, with one side falling down and crushing Umaga.

Final Rating – B+

ECW has actually become watch able viewing on Tuesday nights and yet again I thought this was a really fun show. The Umaga and Lashley feud was progressed and they give him a clean win over Holly which pushes Lashley’s stock up slightly. Two good matches with Kennedy/Sabu and the tag match… and also a nice win for Punk.

If only TNA could do this much in their 1 hour show.