a1-266×400.jpgFollowing on from the cuts of David Young and Elix Skipper from the TNA roster, the company have decided to give A1 a release.

A1, whose real name is Alastair Ralphs was a Canadian bodybuilder, who began wrestling for TNA in July 2004 where he quickly lost to Sabu.

In 2005, he joined as a member Team Canada, replacing the injured Johnny Devine at Destination X 2005 but once that team split up last year, he was used sparingly by the company.

IMO, he was pretty talentless in the ring and always reminded me of his fellow countrymen Test… although not quite as good. I think that probably says it all.


TNA (2004-2007)

No reigns… seriously, this guy found it difficult enough to win a match. (His last win was a tag match back in August of last year).

Will probably most be remembered for being a member of Team Canada

Matt’s verdict of the possibility of him going to WWE…… no chance in hell.

source – gerweck.net