Curt Henning

In celebration of Curt Henning’s impending induction to the WWE Hall of Fame, I bring you the second part of the match that I first saw Mr. Perfect in at the Survivor Series 1990.

Don’t discredit the work of Roddy Piper and Gorilla Monsoon on commentary, as a kid growing up these guys did so much to sell these workers in the ring and add to the atmosphere of “the win at all costs”. Same goes with Bobby Heenan, one of the greatest managers of all time.

Ultimate Warrior,Texas Tornado,LOD vs Demolition,Mr. Perfect


200px-wwf_mr_perfect.jpgIt was announced on Raw that Mr. Perfect, Curt Henning would be the second inductee into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame.

It’s been just over four years since Curt Henning passed away, at the age of 44 and it’s little surprise that he is to be inducted this year as the WWE are planning a DVD set on the legend to be released later this year.

One of my favourite wrestling events of all time was Survivor Series 1990, which was one of the first events I ever saw. I didn’t start watching wrestling till 1992, but I had this on tape and burned it out all the way through the 90’s. In that event I got my first glimpse at Mr. Perfect and I loved him straight away.

He was the leader of “The Perfect Team” along with Demolition who took on “The Warriors” that were The Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado and Legion of Doom. The match eventually boiled down to Perfect against both Tornado and Warrior and I loved (i know it’s silly, but when your young the simple things effect you!!) how Perfect outsmarted Tornado and coaxed him into getting into the ring, where he jumped on him, kicked his ass and eliminated him with The Perfect Plex.

He eventually lost the match to The Warrior, who actually kicked out of Perfect’s finisher. Everytime I watch the match I’m cheering for Perfect to get the three count but obviously he never does!

I loved his matches with Bret Hart at Summerslam 1991 and King of the Ring 1993 (second ppv I saw live), his loser leaves Raw match with Ric Flair and even his match with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam 1993 which disapointed many, including HBK who said so in his book.

After some largely wasted years in WCW and XWF, Henning surprisingly returned in early 2002 for one last WWE run, re-debuting at the Rumble and unbelievably making it down to the final 3. During this match, I was re-living my childhood once again, begging Henning to win the match, and I couldn’t believe how close he came at the time.

Some dream matches against Steve Austin, Tazz and Rob Van Dam occurred in his last 4 month run in the WWE before the famed “plane ride from hell” back from the UK where an amateur match between him and Brock Lesnar took place in the clouds!! I was actually at a UK event in Birmingham that the WWE were touring at the time, and it was a personal pleasure of mine to see Perfect live in the ring. Although the match itself is something to quickly forget about…

It was Perfect and Molly Holly teaming against Trish Stratus and Jerry Lawler!!!

Henning died in 2003 from a “acute cocaine intoxication” leaving behind a legacy of one of the greatest athlete and performer’s the wrestling business has ever seen. His initially silly gimmick of being the “perfect guy” at every sport (like throwing a basketball into a hoop from the half way line with his  back turned every time!) he ran with and made into something special because he wasn’t just a great guy on the mic, but he had the look, charisma and abilites to make something special out of it.

I’m personally thrilled Henning got the nod this year, the only sad thing is that he won’t be attending the event.


AWA (1979 – 1988)

AWA World Heavyweight Title (1 time)

AWA World Tag Team Titles (1 time) with Scott Hall

WWF (1988 – 1996)

WWF Intercontinental Title (2 times)

WCW (1997 – 2000)

WCW United States Title (1 time)

WCW World Tag Team Title (1 time) with Barry Windham

WWE (Jan 2002 – May 2002)

Came third in the 2002 Royal Rumble

TNA (2002 – 2003)

Lost some world title matches to Ron Killings and Jeff Jarrett