c5_2.jpgTuesday night’s ECW did which was headlined with a steel cage match between Hardcore Holly and Bobby Lashley did a 1.6 rating.

This is up 0.3 from last week, with this week’s show wrestling wise being so much better than we have seen in a while.

source – wrestling observer


ecw.jpgVince McMahon who’s ego is so big, he has to make sure he gets his face seen on every weekly show kindly informed us that Bobby Lashley’s steel cage match for the ECW Title against Hardcore Holly would have to be won by the champion in under 5 mins, or else he was stripping him of the title.

A nice stipulation then to keep the match short and the way they have booked Bobby Lashley over the last couple of weeks has been right on the money.

The feud with Umaga is progressing and although the match won’t be anything special at Mania, at least it will have the crowd involved with the great buildup and with the presence of Trump an McMahon.

Good show last night, ECW is really good at the moment.


Mr. Kennedy def. Sabu in a “Money in the Bank Qualifing” Match – 2 and a half stars

Did anyone really give Sabu a chance in this match?

Loved the announcing of the wrestlers when they were already in the ring again… it so works for these big matches.

I wonder what type of a match Sabu would have if he didn’t have extreme rules. Would he actually have more than 2 spots that could be legal?

Fun match, which didn’t have much flow but some nice spots. Kennedy wins with a stiff looking DDT onto a broken table… and he advances to the MITB match at Wrestlemania. 

Balls Mahoney def. Matt Striker by DQ – 1 star for Balls’ cool leg drop

Match lasted about two minutes (although Balls did manage to actually get a top rope leg drop on Striker in that time) before the bald acne ridden Snitsky came down to the ring and gave him a big boot.

Balls declared the winner by DQ, and then Snitsky comes back in and decides to give him the boot as well.

I just can’t wait for the Lashley/Snitsky feud…. *sarcasm*

Kevin Thorn & Marcus Cor Von def. Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer – 2 and a half stars 

Another fun match…. this is ECW, I had to pinch myself! We’re not suppose to have two good matches on one show!

RVD is show over right now, I’d say the most he has been over since he was WWE Champion.

Imagine if they actually programmed a good feud between Cor Von and RVD… it could be something that was really high up on the WM card. Of course that ain’t gonna happen with RVD’s contract situation the way it is right now.

The New Breed win, when Elijah Burke interferes. RVD does the job for Thorn.

CM Punk def. Stevie Richards – 2 and a half stars

Hands up everyone who thought Stevie Richards was dead!

CM Punk dominates and looks as good in the ring as ever. Poor Stevie, we probably won’t see him for another 3 months now.

Bobby Lashley def. Hardcore Holly in a 5 Minute Time Limit Steel Cage Match for the ECW World Title – 2 and a half stars

Obviously Lashley goes straight after Holly and wastes no time in trying to win the match.
Umaga comes down with about 3 minutes left on the clock and throws a chair into the ring for Holly to use… and oh my god did he use it. An absolute sickening chair shot to the head of Lashley, which was really quite disturbing actually…. with 2 mins to go.

Lashley of course is Superman and kicks out.

Lashley gets the advantage and gets his revenge on Holly with multiple chair shots, gives him The Dominator and picks up with the win with 30 seconds left on the clock.

Post-match, in a very memorable spot, Lashley runs off the ropes and actually jumps onto the cage, with one side falling down and crushing Umaga.

Final Rating – B+

ECW has actually become watch able viewing on Tuesday nights and yet again I thought this was a really fun show. The Umaga and Lashley feud was progressed and they give him a clean win over Holly which pushes Lashley’s stock up slightly. Two good matches with Kennedy/Sabu and the tag match… and also a nice win for Punk.

If only TNA could do this much in their 1 hour show.

A look at the ratings for the various wrestling shows of last week….

Raw scored a 4.0 rating – pretty consistent and shows people care about the main event storyline they are pushing.

ECW scored a 1.3 rating – it’s lowest to date. Is the writing on the wall for the brand? If it continues getting this low a number, or if it drops anymore then I would suggest YES!

Smackdown drew a 3.2 rating with a 6.0 share which was extremely strong considering it was the worst show for many weeks.

TNA Impact scored a 1.0 rating which means that no matter how good or how crappy the show was… they just can’t change the rating!

source – wrestlingobserver

3023366.jpgDave Scherer is reporting that the currently suspended for 30 days ECW superstar Test (because of violating the wellness policy) was involved in a car accident over the weekend in the Tampa area.


“…his Corvette and struck a parked car. He reportedly passed a field sobriety test, and no one was injured”.

Of course, because of his suspension, Test has been left out of the New Breed vs. ECW originals feud that is the whole focus of ECW on Sci-Fi channel at the moment.

You know as much as people like to hate on Test, I think he has done a great job on Tuesday nights as one of the top heels on the show and if it wasn’t for the fact that he has been booked against the likes of Lashley in recent weeks, more people might have noticed it!

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th_littleguido2.jpgThe WWE are to hold tv tapings of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown (and presumably ECW) over in Italy for the first time ever, on April 16th (Raw) and 17th (SD).

Two more television tapings are of course already scheduled to take place here in London the following week.

Great news from where I’m sitting. Those tv tapings that take place outside of America always have a special feel to it and the audience participation always seems to be louder and more energetic.

What’s the odds on Little Guido actually getting a match at those tapings!!!

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cm_punk.jpgAfter winning his “Money in the Bank” Qualifying match on this week’s episode of ECW, CM Punk has won the right to compete at Wrestlemania 23, with a shot at the World Title up for grabs.

He is one of the few untapped stars that the WWE have on their hands right now and could be a major player for the company over the next decade and putting him in a high profile match like this will only do him good.

I’m happy for the guy. After being one of John Cena’s gangsters that came out during the champ’s entrance at the main event of last year’s Wrestlemania to actually competing in one of the big matches for a World Title shot on the line at this year’s, it’s a great accomplishment for him.  Although of course there is no chance he’s going over come April time.


The New Breed vs. The Originals segment kicked off the show. Nice segment and finally it’s so great to watch the show actually have a direction!

Matt Striker tells us that the new breed can beat any of the ECW originals, which leads us too…

Rob Van Dam def. Kevin Thorn

Loved this match. RVD was absolutely on form tonight and if I was the WWE I would be pushing out the boat to get this guy to sign his contract.

He was so over but it’s still very strange to hear kids chant and girls screaming at an ECW show.

A great 5 star frog splash for the victory for RVD. Maybe his jobbing days are over???

CM Punk def. Johnny Nitro in a Money in the Bank Qualifing Match

Good match with some insane innovative offense from both guys. I got this totally wrong as with Melina winning the women’s title and getting a push that Nitro might be favourite here to take the victory but I was pleasantly surprised when Punk got the 3 count.

A missed corkscrew sommersault and a twisting leg drop on the ropes from Nitro, along with a great finishing move from Punk were the highlights here. Look forward to a longer re-match down the road between these two some day.

LA Resistance (Dupree and Grenier) def. Los Luchas.

LA Resistance are back? Sure, why the hell not. It’s not like Dupree and Grenier were doing anything. Personally putting them on Raw or Smackdown might have been the better option with those shows actually having a tag team division!

Match lasts about 10 seconds, absolute squash on the Lucha’s.

After the match, Grenier makes the title belt gesture, but which does he actually mean? Does he not realize their is no tag team title at ECW? Is he going to go after the World Title? WATCH OUT LASHLEY, Grenier is coming for your title!

Kane Snitsky comes out at the end of the match to give the Lucha’s some kicks to the head and looks into the camera all intense. And nobody cares.

Extreme expose is next and once again Kelly Kelly is 3 seconds behind the other two girls as she doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. You can clearly see her watching the other two to lead her, it’s pathetic. The girl can’t even fucking dance, how more talentless can she really get?

Boo’s at the end of the segment. All that needs to be said.

Bobby Lashley def. Hardcore Holly and Mr. Kennedy to retain ECW WORLD TITLE

When Kennedy came out, you know I actually thought he might win here.

Holly and Kennedy actually look a little a like don’t they? They could have made a great tag team once!

Decent main event that was better than I was expecting. The pace was kept frantic and Lashley was made out to look really strong here. Could the guy actually be improving in the ring?

Lashley wins with his Dominator slam after Kennedy missed Holly with the chair.

Show Rating – A-

3 good matches, with Punk/Nitro and RVD/Thorn being really good t.v. matches. The direction of the old breed vs. the new breed continues along nicely and the main event made Lashley look really, really strong which as much as I’m not interested in seeing the guy main event shows… it’s the right thing to do for the plan they have for him.

In memory of Mike Awesome, I have decided to post the brilliant ECW World Title match between Tanaka and Awesome on TNN, which was quite honestly… AWESOME!

How Tanaka took some of those chair shots and those bumps (watch after the bell for the most insane powerbomb in history) I will never truly know.

I will probably post the great match from One Night Stand at some point, but if anyone could upload that match or the any other of Awesome’s matches onto youtube then please do so I can post them here. It would be greatly appreciated and you will get full credit.

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

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