Wrestling Observer Live – Edge (6th June 2000)

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Edge is the guest today. He talks about his early career and his growing up with Christian as they both hit the business at the same time. The two awesome ladder matches at No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000 are discussed along with him once being knocked down by a fan during his entrance through the crowd.

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The poster for WWE Backlash that is set to take place in Atlanta on April 29th has found it’s way online.

Obviously, it’s a spoof on Jack Nicholson’s The Shining with Edge pulling off the most sinister smile of his whole career!

What can we make of the poster then? Probably not a lot as they generally don’t mean a lot an upcoming event apart from the fact that we know Edge will play some part.

Could he main event the show?

Sure, an Edge vs. Shawn Michaels match I would LOVE to see again. Even Edge vs. HBK vs. Cena would be pretty neat.

source – wrestlingforum.com