Wrestling Observer Live – Kurt Angle (15th June 2000)

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I got the idea for this feature from the currently defunct thewrestlingblog.com, which I was a frequent visitor of until it suffered server problems sometime last year.

Basically, every couple of days (probably 3 times a week), I will post a Wrestling Observer Live classic episode either from the great Eyada days up to 2002, or the more recent episodes from the Sports Byline.

You will get to hear interviews with legends like Ric Flair, Bret Hart and Eddie Guerrero where they discuss various wrestling topics that range from Montreal, to Guerrero’s addiction problems and Flair’s distain at WCW.

It’s truly fascinating to re-listen to some of these great interviews and delve into the past of those wrestling days gone by. Especially with the advent of hindsight, you can see how dumb some idea’s were or how accurate some predictions were from the great Dave Meltzer or the guests he has on the show.

The first guest today is Kurt Angle from June 2000, just weeks before he won the King of the Ring and started to become the star he is today. The topics discussed include Angle’s past frustration at having to wait months for his debut, why he chose pro wrestling after the 96 olympics, his first appearance in ECW and how close he came to signing with Paul Heyman in the 90’s before the infamous crucifixation angle.

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