wweb009_l.jpgIt does have it’s advantages being a wrestling fan in the UK sometimes. Not only do we get some PPV’s for free (although not all of them like we use too) but we also have the awesome company Silvervisionwho put out some great UK exclusive dvds…

Unfortuantely this set is a great idea, it’s just not executed really well. What the company have done is put 5 of the most memorable (which they aren’t by the way but they are good) Smackdown matches onto DVD at a price of 5.99 (which is far cheaper than usual).

Here is the match listing…

World Tag Team Championship Match
Chuck & Billy Vs. Hulk Hogan & Edge (04/07/02)

Rey Mysterio Vs. Chavo Guerrero (25/07/02)  – Rey’s debut I believe

Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero Vs. The Rock & Edge (01/08/02)

Big Show Vs. Brock Lesnar (12/06/03) – When the ring exploded!!

Rey Mysterio Vs. Eddie Guerrero (06/01/05)

United States Championship Match
Chris Benoit Vs. Booker T (21/10/05)

I guess we will have a similar Raw set in the future. I’ve always said the WWE should release “Best of Raw” with 8 or 9 matches each year and they would sell really well. They have an absolutely huge archive of matches the WWE could use with DVD’s that could make them a fortune if marketed right.

Still this ain’t a bad price, and might be worth picking up.

source – silvervision.co.uk


thnew_raw_logo_top1.jpgLast night’s Raw pulled in the highest rating since June 19th of last year (the night after DX reformed) with a 4.3 rating.

The WWE have been on fire the last couple of weeks with some of the best shows in a long time. It’s looking good for Wrestlemania 23 at the moment.

source – wrestlingheadlines.com

thnew_raw_logo_top.jpgWhat can we look forward to from tonight’s show then as we get closer and closer to Wrestlemania?

We already know that Donald Trump’s pick for the Battle of the Billionaires match is going to be Bobby Lashley after Trump spilled the beans last week on some radio show. Apparently he called the guy “Lindsey”, which I can guarantee you Vince McMahon won’t let him make the same mistake on Raw tonight.

Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin was announced today in a “Money in the Bank” qualifing match which if given time, could be a great match. I would fully expect Jeff to go over tonight, which is a bit of a shame because Shelton has been amazing in the two previous MITB ladder matches.

Dave Melzter has been reporting that their could be 8 participants in this year’s Wrestlemania match, which makes sense with the amount of under-card they have that wouldn’t get a match otherwise. My guesses are… Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton get the nod.

We already know the main event is going to be Edge and HBK vs. Cena and Orton with the Tag Titles on the line. I can see a title change here and likely a superkick from HBK on Cena…. or maybe Cena won’t wait and he will strike the first blow? Should be very interesting, but I’m nearly certain Edge and Orton are going over.

Should be a fun show, with the two announced matches having the potential to be really great. I’m going to take a wild stab and say we will have Nitro vs. Carlito tonight with Nitro going over and Carlito turning on Flair (could be next week though).

source – gerweck.net

A look at the ratings for the various wrestling shows of last week….

Raw scored a 4.0 rating – pretty consistent and shows people care about the main event storyline they are pushing.

ECW scored a 1.3 rating – it’s lowest to date. Is the writing on the wall for the brand? If it continues getting this low a number, or if it drops anymore then I would suggest YES!

Smackdown drew a 3.2 rating with a 6.0 share which was extremely strong considering it was the worst show for many weeks.

TNA Impact scored a 1.0 rating which means that no matter how good or how crappy the show was… they just can’t change the rating!

source – wrestlingobserver

th_littleguido2.jpgThe WWE are to hold tv tapings of Monday Night Raw and Smackdown (and presumably ECW) over in Italy for the first time ever, on April 16th (Raw) and 17th (SD).

Two more television tapings are of course already scheduled to take place here in London the following week.

Great news from where I’m sitting. Those tv tapings that take place outside of America always have a special feel to it and the audience participation always seems to be louder and more energetic.

What’s the odds on Little Guido actually getting a match at those tapings!!!

source – gerweck.net