200px-robvandam.jpgpunkecw_08152006cm807.jpgTwo workers who are among the most popular guys the WWE has on it’s roster and who potentially could lead the company into the next decade (and beyond in Punk’s case) are according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter…. in the WWE Dog House, which would explain their lack of a push in 2007.

On Punk’s case, Wrestlingheadlines.com has more…

After learning that he was booked to lose on a house show card, the report says, Punk reportedly asked the road agent if the reports of him being in WWE’s doghouse were true. The agent denied the idea that there was heat on Punk, but then told colleagues about the conversation, which exacerbated their ill-feelings of the wrestler.

As far as RVD goes, Meltzer is reporting that road agent John Laurinaitis has it in for the ECW superstar and has continually buried him within the company.

Of course, RVD’s contract expires in the summer which leaves him in a horrible situation at the moment. Does he sign a new contract for the WWE, and continue to drift aimlessly in the mid card of ECW and job out to wrestlers like ELIJAH BURKE!!! but pick up a guaranteed pay check for the next couple of years or does he go to TNA and likely be pushed as one of the top guys on the roster before settling down to being “Just another face”.

Remember, Kurt Angle went to the company as being one of the greatest wrestlers of the last 10 years but so far hasn’t been utilised the greatest and has soon become “just another face” in TNA, with tv ratings, ppv buyrates and the product of the wrestling not changing at all.

If Angle can’t make a difference to TNA, who says RVD can????

As far as Punk goes, the best thing he can do is to stay quiet and just focus on his wrestling. If he can get the crowd behind him like he has this year then maybe he can force the WWE to actually do something with him and give him a much deserved push.

source – gerweck.net, wrestlingheadlines.com