200px-davidyoung-tna.jpgprimetime111wp.jpgTNA have decided to trim their roster down slightly… Elix Skipper and David Young have both become victims of the chop. The pair had been a tag team in the company since 2005, but were used sparingly to say the least.

According to Dave Meltzer, their manager Simon Diamond is being kept on as a road agent.

Skipper, who was known as “Primetime” had been with the company since it’s inception in 2002 and is probably most remembered for that awesome hurricarana spot on America’s Most Wanted back at Turning Point in 2004.

David Young, also a TNA original was a semi-big man who always looked fine in tag matches but never seem to be able to break out on his own. 

CAREER & TITLE HISTORIES (only chronicles the big companies)


WCW (2000-2001)

Cruiserweight Champion (1 time)

Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion (1 time) with Kid Romero

WWF (March 2001-December 2001)

Under a developmental deal after WCW folded… never made it on TV

TNA (2002-2007)

TNA World Tag Team Champion (4 times) with Low Ki & Simon Diamond as Diamonds in the Rough.

2004 World Cup X Winner with Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn as Team USA


TNA (2002-2007)

No title reigns

Matt’s verdict of the likelyhood of them going to WWE…… virtually zero.

source – gerweck.net