rey.jpgThe sad news that is going around the Internet right now is that Rey Mysterio has been advised by doctors that he should no longer wrestle to the excessive knee damage he has sustained, likely through the amount of times he jumps of the unforgiving ropes during each match.

Of course on this week’s Smackdown, the WWE ran an angle where Mysterio would return after several month’s absence and update us on his condition to let us know that he will be back soon enough and better than ever.

Vince McMahon came to the ring and mocked Mysterio for not being able to wrestle at the big event and when Rey refused to go along with Vince’s opinion that he was going to overcome Trump at Wrestlemania, Vince called for Umaga who preceded to decimate Rey with a Samoan Drop and his usual flurry of power moves.

The storyline is intended to be used as a cover to mask Rey’s possible retirement from wrestling and is likely been utilized to give them more time to assess Mysterio’s situation in the hope that they may be able to return to the ring someday.

I will probably have a big post about this sometime in the future, looking more in depth into what has been a great career for Rey Mysterio.

The other big news from Smackdown was that Kane vs. The Great Khali showed signs of being setup for Mania.. which will no doubt make zero extra numbers to the buyrate, and will probably hurt the numbers if anything.


Deuce, Domino and Joey Mercury def. Brian Kendrick, Paul London and Matt Hardy – 2**1/2

You know, Deuce and Domino have a great gimmick going here but they are HORRIBLE in the ring. I mean, they release the Bashams but they push these too? What’s up with that? Kick, kick, kick and another kick is their whole repertoire.

Chavo Guerrero def. Scotty 2 Hotty in a non-title match – 2**

Bit of a flat match actually, but far from unwatchable. You have to wonder why 2 Hotty is still on the roster when his career peaked 7 years ago and it’s been almost downhill ever since.

King Booker def. Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere “Money in the Bank Qualifying Match” – 2**

Well the match between these two at No Way Out killed the crowd, so I’m not quite sure what the logic is in them going for it again.

I was expecting King Booker to pick up the win as he suits the MITB a little more than Kane and he actually has a half decent chance at winning it. Better than their No Way Out match but only because they could use some gimmicks instead of stinking up the ring.

The Great Khali comes out an interferes in the match, costing Kane the victory. A backstage segment airs which indicates we could be set for Khali vs. Kane at Wrestlemania, which makes sense as both don’t currently have a match…. but the match could potentially be the worst in the event’s history.

Finlay & Little Bastard def. The Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman – 1*


End this feud, now! Finlay deserves better than this.


Batista’s promo on The Undertaker was a good one, he talked about the respect he had for Dead Man and how he wasn’t intermediated by him. I like this slow build up to their Wrestlemania match, but for the match to actually work, they have to turn Batista heel.

You have to make Batista an absolute monster and make him look unstoppable and actually favourite to end Taker’s streak, which is something that has been lacking at Wrestlemania for some years.

Final Rating – C+

Worst Smackdown show in a while, and although they showed some direction in the Batista/Taker feud, it’s at a snail pace. No matches on the show were worth writing home about and this certainly seemed like a filler episode why they figure out the full direction of what they wanna do at Mania.