saturday01ay1.jpgIt’s been announced that NBC have pulled the March 10th edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event from their schedule and it will no longer be airing. The planned date for the event is now said to be June, with Vince McMahon said to be “unhappy” with the decision.

The writing was on the wall for this for quite a few weeks after the WWE planned to tape the event five days earlier and not “live” as the two shows last year.

The reason for it being pulled was that after a 14 year absence, the show returned last year with two event that failed to generate the rating the WWE desired. Indeed, the second show on July 15th garnered the lowest rating in the show’s history, a disappointing 2.6.

IMO, The problem with the show in this day and age is that wrestling is so over-exposed these days, that there wasn’t anything special about seeing these guys on free tv every week.

We already have that with Raw, Smackdown and ECW… not to mention 16 ppv’s a year.

Saturday Night’s Main Event could have worked if it was treated more like a PPV, with a big title match that had momentum headlining the previous two shows but instead they went for tag matches and a lackluster Edge vs. Cena match that was rushly pushed together after RVD was suspended for his marijuana speeding incident.

It pretty much goes without saying that IF the June edition goes ahead (and it’s a big IF) then it needs to be far better booked than the last one and MUST generate a better rating than 2.6… or it will be shelved again!

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