110_1.jpgSomeone’s let the cat out of the bag early on this one!

A graphic on E! when covering the Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon feud showed Stone Cold Steve Austin wearing a referee’s shirt in the middle of a graphic of Umaga and Bobby Lashley.

Trump was set to let the world know who his representative was at this week’s Raw, but in typical WWE fashion, it got leaked early.

So at Wrestlemania it’s…

Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga
ref: Steve Austin

If Lashley wins, Vince loses his hair and if Vince wins, Trump loses his.

If Lashley’s last couple of months as ECW champion are anything to go by, then this should be a horrid match that will likely be over-shadowed by Austin’s presence. Presumably this is Trump’s something that was “up his sleeve” that Vince talked about the other week.

Although the thought of them trying to revitalise the Austin/McMahon feud might work for nostalgia if done correctly in the build up to the event, or it could be quickly seen as a desperate attempt to re-live the glory days of old.

source – gerweck.net