A look at the ratings for the various wrestling shows of last week….

Raw scored a 4.0 rating – pretty consistent and shows people care about the main event storyline they are pushing.

ECW scored a 1.3 rating – it’s lowest to date. Is the writing on the wall for the brand? If it continues getting this low a number, or if it drops anymore then I would suggest YES!

Smackdown drew a 3.2 rating with a 6.0 share which was extremely strong considering it was the worst show for many weeks.

TNA Impact scored a 1.0 rating which means that no matter how good or how crappy the show was… they just can’t change the rating!

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a1-266×400.jpgFollowing on from the cuts of David Young and Elix Skipper from the TNA roster, the company have decided to give A1 a release.

A1, whose real name is Alastair Ralphs was a Canadian bodybuilder, who began wrestling for TNA in July 2004 where he quickly lost to Sabu.

In 2005, he joined as a member Team Canada, replacing the injured Johnny Devine at Destination X 2005 but once that team split up last year, he was used sparingly by the company.

IMO, he was pretty talentless in the ring and always reminded me of his fellow countrymen Test… although not quite as good. I think that probably says it all.


TNA (2004-2007)

No reigns… seriously, this guy found it difficult enough to win a match. (His last win was a tag match back in August of last year).

Will probably most be remembered for being a member of Team Canada

Matt’s verdict of the possibility of him going to WWE…… no chance in hell.

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300px-tnaimpact.jpgFinally the Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner feud got a little interesting on this week’s Impact. After weeks of nonsense false start angles, they have their contract signing for their match at Destination X and the segment actually worked. 

After the usual babble talk, Steiner gave Angle the stiffest headbutt I’ve seen in years, leaving Angle an absolute bloody mess. Angle attempts to get revenge by jumping on Steiner and they exchange blows. Tomko comes out, followed by Christian which allows the 3 to get a beat down on Angle. Belly to Belly from Steiner to Angle…. and finally something memorable in this feud.

It’s just a shame that the match is going to suck worse than any other match on the card. Steiner can’t wrestle anymore, he is years past his prime… anyone remember those horrible HHH/Steiner matches back in 2003. Uggh, spine chilling.


LAX vs. Team 3D (Non-title Belting Pot Grudge Match)

Basically it’s just a tag team lumberjack match.

Did I really hear The Wrestling Observer get mentioned?

Team 3D win a forgettable tag match with a 3D. Why is that this show puts me to sleep every single god damn week?

Robert Roode/Eric Young/James Storm vs. Voodoo Kin Mafia & Lance Hoyt

Another tag match that will no doubt be instanly forgettable.

Roode forces Young into the ring to square off against BG James but instead they do a stupid Too Cool like dance before they take down James Storm with a clothesline as he was attempting a run-in. Roode slaps Young on the back of the head and asks him what the hell he was doing before sending him to the outside. Pretty funny stuff.

Cheap finish occurs when Roode trips up Hoyt when he is attempting to climb the turnbuckle, allowing Storm to win the match for his team.

Match was way too short and Kip James didn’t even get a tag into the match… but that’s probably a good thing.

Post match, Harris jumps over the railings before chasing Storm to all the way around the ring and to the back.

Jerry Lynn vs. Senshi vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal vs. Austin Starr  (X Division Ladder Match)

Do you remember when there use to be one on one matches on this show? No, neither did I.

The idea of the match was that the X sign was above the ring, the first competitor to grab it is in the Ultimate X match at Destination X.

Austin Starr looked impressive with some dropkicks on the ladder. Bob Backlund comes out and is just looking at the action…. but no-one could care less.

Finish comes when all men are climbing the ladder trying to get the X, Lynn pushes all the guys off and manages to grab the X after about 3 mintues. WAY, WAY, too short.

I know Impact only has an hour, but if they cut half of the comedy crap that they try and gave it to this match then it could have been so much better.

Bob Backlund comes into the ring, Austin Starr attempts to jump him but Backlund counters into the Cross Faced Chicken Wing… audience reaction… absolute silence.

So it’s Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin at Destination X, which if given time…. should be a good match.


AJ Styles cuts a nice promo on top of the new Elevation X stage. He is really, really high up. I tell ya, if he falls then he would be dead for sure, after the Owen Hart tragic of 99… I don’t know how good an idea it was to do that. He claims he is most “decorated star in TNA history” and claims he made “Ultimate X famous”. AJ challenges anyone to a match at the next PPV.

Rhino comes out and climbs the structure and AJ soon runs off.  Rhino says he is sick of AJ running off scared, so he accepts his challenge… and at Destination X it’s Rhino vs. AJ Styles. Simple segment, that did it’s job……

…..Sting spoke from his “death bed” which is basically just a steal platform hoisted above the ring. He tells us, what does it mean to be alive?

He warns Abyss that he will be strapped up into the heavens and there he will be forced to make a choice. Does he sucumb to eternal darkness or does he become a new man? The choices is of course Abyss’ alone, as he doesn’t have the devil in his ear any longer.

Christopher Daniels vignette airs, hyping his return.

Final Thoughts

On conclusion then it’s another horrible show wrestling wise. About 10 minutes of actual wrestling took place, if you can even call it that but the Angle/Steiner promo’s and the AJ Styles/Rhino segment was pretty neat.

Although I can’t give it a good rating with the lack of wrestling that actually took place because in the end that’s what I watch the show for, and their wasn’t a good match in the lot.

Final Grade – B-

200px-davidyoung-tna.jpgprimetime111wp.jpgTNA have decided to trim their roster down slightly… Elix Skipper and David Young have both become victims of the chop. The pair had been a tag team in the company since 2005, but were used sparingly to say the least.

According to Dave Meltzer, their manager Simon Diamond is being kept on as a road agent.

Skipper, who was known as “Primetime” had been with the company since it’s inception in 2002 and is probably most remembered for that awesome hurricarana spot on America’s Most Wanted back at Turning Point in 2004.

David Young, also a TNA original was a semi-big man who always looked fine in tag matches but never seem to be able to break out on his own. 

CAREER & TITLE HISTORIES (only chronicles the big companies)


WCW (2000-2001)

Cruiserweight Champion (1 time)

Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion (1 time) with Kid Romero

WWF (March 2001-December 2001)

Under a developmental deal after WCW folded… never made it on TV

TNA (2002-2007)

TNA World Tag Team Champion (4 times) with Low Ki & Simon Diamond as Diamonds in the Rough.

2004 World Cup X Winner with Chris Sabin, Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn as Team USA


TNA (2002-2007)

No title reigns

Matt’s verdict of the likelyhood of them going to WWE…… virtually zero.

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