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wwe_logo_black_s.jpgVince McMahon has decided that because of the recent drop in buyrates for the brand only PPV’s such as Smackdown’s No Mercy,  ECW’s Decemeber to Dismember and Raw’s New Year’s Revolution…. the future policy for the B shows is that more talent from the different rosters will be utilised.

Of course we have already begun to see this with Smackdown’s No Way Out PPV last week which featured Jeff Hardy, Johnny Nitro, Shawn Michaels, John Cena (from Raw) and an ECW World Title match involving Bobby Lashley.

Press releases for the next Brand only PPV which is Backlash at the end of April have Batista, The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley listed as appearing.

Personally I’m in two minds about this….

On the one hand it’s good because we get potentially better PPV’s for the B shows which have been considerably lacking depth in the lower and mid card matches like the aforementioned PPV’s.

But then doesn’t this move dismiss the whole idea of the roster split in the first place?

Stars like Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy who should have had high profile matches at No Way Out were regulated to a last minute rushed together opening match that meant nothing, to no-one. Talents like these will suffer in the future because of this, and not least under-utilized wrestlers like Gregory Helms whose chances of storylines and PPV pay-off’s will diminish.

And of course, remember, they may not get the reaction from the crowd with their cross brand shuffling of wrestlers if they do it all the time because it will lose the shock and special quality the last month or so have had when Taker and Batista show up on RAW or when Cena and HBK turn up on Smackdown.

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110_1.jpgSomeone’s let the cat out of the bag early on this one!

A graphic on E! when covering the Donald Trump vs. Vince McMahon feud showed Stone Cold Steve Austin wearing a referee’s shirt in the middle of a graphic of Umaga and Bobby Lashley.

Trump was set to let the world know who his representative was at this week’s Raw, but in typical WWE fashion, it got leaked early.

So at Wrestlemania it’s…

Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga
ref: Steve Austin

If Lashley wins, Vince loses his hair and if Vince wins, Trump loses his.

If Lashley’s last couple of months as ECW champion are anything to go by, then this should be a horrid match that will likely be over-shadowed by Austin’s presence. Presumably this is Trump’s something that was “up his sleeve” that Vince talked about the other week.

Although the thought of them trying to revitalise the Austin/McMahon feud might work for nostalgia if done correctly in the build up to the event, or it could be quickly seen as a desperate attempt to re-live the glory days of old.

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